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"River Raptor"

While birdwatching in the Tucson, Arizona area, I came upon this beautiful Cooper's Hawk as it sat perfectly still, hunting in a small, marshy area. It was hunting from the ground and stalking prey from above. At one point, it actually shot straight up and caught a bird from a nearby palm tree! Incredible! This image is one of several of this bird that I captured as it hunted and bathed in the marsh. To see a raptor sitting in cold water for at least 15-20 minutes was a most incredible sight. This was absolutely a highlight of the day for me and a bird behavior I have never witnessed prior to this moment. It was a gorgeous sight in the wild.

You may also watch a brief video of this bird here:
(Thankfully, the bird moved into a clearer area for photographing it after I filmed this clip!)

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