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Private Individual Lessons

Private Lessons & Consultation Services:  Meet your photography goals at your own pace!

When you want dedicated consultation and/or instruction, one-on-one, at your own pace and on your own schedule, tailored private instruction can help you efficiently and effectively reach your learning goals.

Before your lessons begin, Lisa Langell will consult with you to build a custom Photography Learning Plan that is suited for the skills you want to learn.  The plan then becomes the compass by which we will organize your lessons, build your skills, and reflect upon your growth as you gain critical skills.

Packages are as follows:
•  3-hour package ($345)
•  5-hour package ($495)
•  10-hour package ($895)
Packages may be broken into sessions of 2+ hours each and must be completed within 180 days from purchase so that your learning is consistent and progressive.  

BONUS: Bring a friend for free!  As a gift for your friend, or to help defer costs, you may bring one additional person at no extra cost.   The learning objectives we develop will be followed according to your specific needs, so it is best if your friend is at a similar level of skill and has similar goals so that he/she may maximally benefit.  

Please Contact Lisa Langell at 602-345-0883 or via email for details and scheduling.

Photographing Agave

April 29, 2017 (Sat) 9am-12pm:  Photographing Agaves at Desert Botanical Gardens (Phoenix, AZ)

The Desert Botanical Gardens has one of the most diverse collections of agaves in the world with more than 2,500 plants. Join Lisa Langell for personal instruction as you navigate the Garden's trails to capture the beauty of the agave and its leaves. This class will cover proper exposure techniques, equipment with special attention to lighting, framing and composition. Open to all digital camera owners including smartphones.

Details and registration

(Note:  Desert Botanical Gardens is handling registration for this class.  Seating is limited to 8  Register early.  Please click the link and navigate to the Photography workshops, then Photographing Agaves.  A direct link from here is not available.) 

Win Photo Contests & Protect Your Rights

June 3, 2017:  How to Win a Photo Contest and Protect Your Rights (Superior, AZ - Boyce Thompson Arboretum)

•  Have you ever entered a photography contest and wondered if your image would win?

•  Do you know what makes for compelling, winning images?

•  Do you know what happens to your images once you enter?

•  Is the contest you entered a contest in name, only -- but is really a "rights grab?"

This class should be a MUST for anyone considering entering photo contests online, in clubs, and more. It is critically important to educate yourself on the joys and pitfalls of photography contests, which are more popular than ever and yet are often littered with questionable ethics. Learn how to separate the good, the bad, and the ugly of photography contests by analyzing the fine print. Then, when you find a good one -- learn how to WIN!  This fun, interactive, and important class will teach you critical information if you are preparing images for contest entry. We will cover:

•  12 key elements to a winning photograph

•  Tips for preparing your image properly to help make it "pop"

•  How to read the "fine print" to ensure you are not giving away your rights, unknowingly, when you submit your image.

Several interactive activities that will put you in the judges seat and help you see how they see! Participate in a live (and supportive, non-harsh) image critique! (Optional): Submit a photo for a helpful, supportive, non-harsh critique

So beat the heat this summer and join us for this fun, interactive, INDOOR (with A/C) class that will allow you to optionally shoot in the arboretum at your leisure in the morning when it's cooler, grab lunch, then join this informative class for the afternoon!

Details and registration

4-Day Workshop in Southern AZ

August 10-13, 2017:  Arizona Hummingbird, Monsoon & Night Sky Photography (in famous Madera Canyon)

Have you ever sat in one location and observed virtually an unending supply of hummingbirds frequenting your feeder? You will in Madera Canyon!

You will be a part of a small group of participants and two instructors as you sit amidst myriad hummingbirds are concentrated in this renown area as they travel northward through Madera Canyon, an internationally known flyway for migrating hummingbirds. This workshop is based right at the rim of the canyon where hummingbirds that include--but may not be limited to-the Broad-Billed, Black-Chinned, Magnificent, and possibly even the Plain-Capped Starthroat, swarm our specially placed feeders and the trees nearby.

There is also an abundance of other species in the area, offering plenty of photographic opportunities for birds. Additionally, wildlife frequents the canyon--including mule deer, reptiles, butterflies, coatimundi, javelina, and even the elusive ringtail--which could all add to your photographic diversity during this workshop.

We will also be in an excellent location for dark skies to photograph the stars, milky way, and even monsoon storms in the nearby valley if the weather cooperates during this peak time of year for the gorgeous storms! 

Details and registration (filling quickly)

Patterns in Nature

Aug 19, 2017 (Saturday)  9am-12pm:  Patterns in Nature: (Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ)

Did you know that you can actually control how your audience feels and experiences your photography through light, shade and creative composition?

In this class, you will learn the quintessential compositional elements oriented toward wildlife and nature photography. Discussion will include rule of thirds, the Fibonacci sequence, leading lines, color harmony, tension, positive and negative space, journalistic photography styles, power points, post-processing concepts, and more. Open to all digital cameras that can shoot in manual mode. Participants should bring camera, manual and a variety of lenses. Instructed by Lisa Langell.

Details and registration

Note:  This class is offered by Desert Botanical Gardens.  Limit 12.

Bosque del Apache - Sandhill Cranes

November 30-Dec 3, 2017:  Bosque del Apache (NM) Sandhill Cranes & Snow Geese

Photograph thousands of sandhill cranes and snow geese in the famous wintering grounds of Bosque del Apache, NM!  This special workshop is hosted through the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), will be lead by Lisa Langell and she will teach you how and where to capture beautiful images of these incredible birds.  

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Florida's Best Bird & Nature Photography

March 2018:  Florida's Best Bird & Nature Photography - Coast to Coast  (Dates TBD)

Join expert nature photographers, Lisa Langell on a very special, custom 5-day, 5-night all-inclusive tour of multiple hot spots for birding and wildlife across Southern Florida, including the Everglades, Ding Darling (Sanibel Island), Green Cay,  Tigertail Beach / Marco Island, Bunche Beach, and more.  

There will be opportunities to observe and photograph an estimated 60-80 species, with high likelihood for close-ups of specialties like Roseate Spoonbills, Wood Storks, Anhinga, the endangered Florida Scrub Jay, Black Skimmers, American Oystercatchers, Reddish Egrets, Barred Owls, Burrowing Owls, Purple Gallinules, Limpkin, Painted Buntings, American Bittern, Least Bittern, Sandhill Cranes, Crested Caracara, American Avocet, Swallowtail Kite, Black-Necked Stilts, Black and Yellow-Crowned Night Herons, Osprey, various terns, and so much more.  

This small-group tour will start in the West Palm Beach (Boyton Beach) area and gradually we will migrate southwest along the Everglades and on into the Southwest Florida region for five full days of photography during prime breeding and nesting season for herons, egrets and anhinga. There will also be chances to photograph turtles, alligators, armadillos, and possibly the rare Florida Panther.  

Pricing, itinerary and registration information:

Details forthcoming in April, 2017.
To receive information, subscribe to Langell Photography Newsletter:  

Magic of Alaska - Kenai Peninsula

June 2018:  Magic of Alaska Photo Workshop and Tour - Alaska

This is truly one of the most diverse and unique photography workshop and tour experiences you can find in all of Alaska!

June 16-22, 2018:  Magic of Alaska Tour -- 7 days & 6 nights

June 22-25, 2018:  Bear Extravaganza Add-On Tour -- 3 days & 3 nights

Join award-winning, professional photographer, Lisa Langell  and an additional photography instructor for added support and personalized assistance while you partake in a very customized, boutique-style nature photography adventure! This workshop is intentionally kept small and intimate—you are one of only six (6) participants on an incredible journey through some of Alaska’s most stunning scenery and wildlife habitats along the Kenai Peninsula and Gulf of Alaska.

Click the link below for video, details, pricing and registration information!

Details, videos, pricing and registration info

Magic of Cuba - Wild, Sea, Land & Street

Spring 2019:  Magic of Cuba--Wild, Sea, Land & Street

Interested in heading to Cuba with award-winning wildlife and street Photographer, Lisa Langell (AZ) and native Cuban and highly skilled portrait, landscape and wildlife photographer, Fernando Trujillo (NJ),?

We are excited to be working together on this really unique adventure and photographic experience!  Currently, we are in the early planning stages for a Spring 2019 workshop and tour of Cuba.  The tour/workshop is currently planned for approximately seven days, all-expenses included once you arrive in Cuba. We anticipate keeping the registration to approximately eight people.  

The goal of the workshop will be to provide you with opportunities to photograph the unique landscape, seascape, wildlife (birds, mammals, reptiles, etc.) street portraiture, classic cars, and more -- all that is iconic in Cuba.   There is a great deal of permitting and "red tape" involved in this endeavor and so we are collecting an early method for those interested to be notified of updates, itineraries, dates, pricing, and registration information when it becomes available.  If you are interested in learning more, please complete the form below.  We will update you via email with additional details as they become available. 

Thank you! Lisa Langell & Fernando Trujillo

Interested in receiving updates and registration info for the Cuba Workshop when it is available?  Sign up here. 

What are people saying about Lisa's Classes and Workshops?

"Lisa, thank you so very much!! I learned so much last night and really look forward to your classes!! You are such and inspiration:) I feel honored to be able to learn from the best!!"

-- Katie Rodriguez (Florence, Arizona, USA)

"Lisa talks a lot about vision in her photography, a focus point for many of us. Lisa is a great educator. She gracefully combines a heart of education with a spirit of creative inspiration--A lot to learn from this gal! The more I watch, listen and get to know her she is pure inspiration and such a kind heart to share her knowledge and experience. An Alaska trip with her is definitely on my MUST DO list...hoping for 2017!"

-- Peggy Coleman (Phoenix, AZ)

“Definitely one of the most memorable weeks of my life! Lisa took us to places to photograph wildlife like I had only ever dreamed was possible. Her knowledge of both photography and Alaska ensure you will get pictures that will forever be favorites.”

–Julie Chen (California, USA)

"Lisa is an amazing and wonderful young lady that can, by simply talking with you, give you inspiration."

--Kerry Hutchings (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

"Lisa, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the two workshops we took from you at last weekend's retreat. Your patience and use of such logical analogies were so appreciated. I've taken other classes over the years, but never understood the settings as I did when you explained them. And your enthusiasm and obvious love of photography is infectious. I hope to be able to take other workshops from you in the future, and maybe even take one of your fabulous photo trips. I'll keep an eye on your schedule and see what I can do. Thanks again! You really do teach an enjoyable workshop. I'm sure everyone in your workshop enjoyed them as much as we did. Looking forward to the next one . . ."

--Lisa McCarrell (Victorville, California, USA)

“I participated in the Magic of Alaska 2015 tour and workshop.  Beyond the obvious benefit of touching a rare piece of nature and somewhat expected camaraderie, I have thoroughly enjoyed, at this time, six month of friendship on Facebook from my fellow participants and beyond. Many of these people are world-class nature photographers who grace my Facebook news feed, on a daily basis with awesome and wondrous photographs they have captured from across the continent and around the world. It really is a trip that keeps on giving, and totally unexpected. I am so grateful for these people, their work and their willingness to share. It really is a trip that keeps on giving.”

–Jim Semple (Arizona, USA)

"I loved Lisa's humbleness about her ability and knowledge--and her willingness to reach out to all of us. She was very well organized.

--(Anon., Arizona, USA)

"Lisa, your presentation was fabulous. I came away with so many ideas and things to try. The way you mixed in video with the stills was very effective. What a great way for us to practice observing nature and then discuss what we saw, while in the classroom. I'm excited to go out and try this "what if" approach (as I'm calling it), and look forward to taking some of your upcoming classes. Thanks again!"

-- Kathleen Farr Prince (Florence, Arizona, USA)

“GO to Alaska! As a 2015 participant, I can tell you it’s a wonderful workshop!”

–Emily Bristor (Arizona, USA)

"This workshop was so interactive, interesting, engaging, and informative. Lisa is an excellent instructor who listens and responds to the needs of her students. She meets them right where they are--whether novice or advanced--ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to improve his or her ability as a photographer. Thank you for providing this workshop, Lisa. I learned so much, and am excited to explore more about photography. Thank you, Lisa. :-)"

--Katie GoForth (Tennessee, USA)

“I encourage anyone who has never done a tour with Lisa to go for it! You will have a great time!”

— Craig Brown (Ontario, Canada)

“Lisa is an awesome photographer and workshop leader. She goes above and beyond to ensure your time in Alaska is maximized. This trip will provide you with the opportunity to see and experience some amazing scenery and wildlife. (The lodge) is one of my favorite places I have ever stayed and their hospitality is unmatched!”

— Jacqueline Deely (California, USA)

"The subject matter was awesome. The weather was perfect. I loved everything about the workshop. My favorite thing was your photo examples of the types of light..And the opportunity to take pictures and have you critique them on the spot. This workshop was an amazing learning experience. The location and the instructor Lisa could not have been better. She provided invaluable material in an interesting manner. I can't wait to take more of her classes !!"

-Dawn B. (Arizona, USA)

“Alaska is a fabulous workshop – Lisa knows all the best places to go for wildlife and scenery. Hopefully I will be able to go again in 2017.”

–Patti Cooter (Illinois, USA)

"Absolutely over-the-top GORGEOUS presentation!!!! Breathtakingly beautiful images!!! Be sure to attend Lisa Langell's classes!!!

-- Pat Googelmann (Florence, Arizona, USA)

"I've taken several beginner classes and always left feeling overwhelmed and unsure of my ability to apply what I learned. Lisa did just the opposite. She provided clear information and tools to help me apply my knowledge after class."

--April Eisle (Colorado, USA)

I" have taken a few classes with Lisa, and have never been overwhelmed with technical knowledge. It is just enough and has always left me wanting more. Lisa is a great instructor, sharing knowledge of her photography skill even if your question does not pertain to the subject matter. She make learning fun. Thanks, Lisa!"

-Jon Weiland (Queen Creek, AZ)

"The time and attention to set up that Lisa made prior to class made for attendee success. What an enjoyable event!"

Cassie Chronic (Soldotna, Alaska)

"Lisa is an excellent instructor. She explained everything that was necessary and it was very well laid out"  (Anon., Phoenix, AZ)

"Lisa actually cares if her students learn and have fun doing it. While I expected to learn about taking hummingbird pictures, I never expected to walk away with several good shots on my first try. Well worth your time and money."

-Bill.  (Gilbert, AZ)

"Lisa is an exceptional instructor, no matter what level of photography you are at, you are going to learn something."

-Anon (Phoenix, AZ)

"Lisa is a very personable and knowledgeable instructor willing to share her tips and techniques with students who want to improve their own skills."

-Bob Bennett (Mesa, AZ)

"I enjoyed Lisa wonderful personality & informative instructions. A natural teacher & makes learning photography fun. I will be back for another class. I am grateful that she donates her time, talent and enthusiasm."

Lee Navarro (Florence , AZ)

"I love Lisa's classes. I am a visual learner and she always has such great examples and she explains things so well that any level of photographer can understand. Her classes are fun and upbeat. The light bulbs went on during the last class I took of Lisa's. It was so refreshing to learn what I have been doing incorrectly! No more "death by cropping" or over sharpening my photos and I really need to stop cluttering my shots. Last but not least I need to stop doing "documentation shots" and get creative, do things that no one else is doing. Thank you Lisa for opening my eyes and getting me to the next step in my photography journey!!!"

-Pamela Parker, (Mesa, AZ)

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