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"Governed by the Tides"

In the quiet, tiny Village of St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada, the highest tides in the world govern when its fleet of 18 fishing vessels have enough draw to head to sea. They must time their trips to the sea when the tide is high, otherwise these boats, as shown, rest on the bottom of the riverbed, unable to proceed.

Likewise, the boats must also return during high tide in order to make it safely to harbor. In this village of 400, fishing is a cultural tradition completely entwined with the tides that can reach up to nearly 40 feet from the low tide watermark.

What compelled me to capture this image was not only the repeating pattern of the boats and structures, but also the sense of permission it gives to the fisherman who work hard for a living to stop and rest--if only for a little while. In other words, some things are truly beyond your control. Take advantage of that freedom.

This image may be purchased alone, or in Lisa Langell's book,
"In Search of A Sea"

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