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Hunts Photo & Video

Hunts Photo & Video

Hunt's Photo & Video is New England's largest photography retailer.  I have been SO completely impressed with their service and the relationships they like to build with their customers.  You get honest advice, recommendations based on YOUR needs, not what someone wants to sell you, and Gary Farber (owner) is a truly genuine, kind-hearted, and sincere person who truly understands what honesty, integrity and relationship-building are all about.  I speak from lengthy experience.  If you want a quality camera store that takes great care of you, this is the place to go.  

Hunt's Exclusive Specials for Langell Photography - Page 1

Hunt's Exclusive Specials for Langell Photography - Page 2

Vivyx Printing

Vivyx Printing

I highly recommend Vivyx Printing for your photography printing needs.  They produce exceptionally high quality prints, canvases and more, but are usually far cheaper than Costco! I've been on-site to Vivyx's national headquarters in Tempe, AZ.  They offer exceptional quality, service, and prices.  They have printed my work for years and have also supported me with several of my charitable events, such as Picture it Clean.

Vivyx is a great company with a great product.  Their shipping rates are inexpensive, turnaround is fast, and you get bulk discounts for larger orders!  Give them a try and use the following discount code to receive 20% off your next order!

Coupon Code for 10% off your next order:  "LANGELL"

Thank you!

MacPhun / Skylum Editing Software

Skylum (formerly MacPhun) : Amazing Photo Editing Software

SO many of my customers feel PhotoShop is too complicated and Lightroom doesn't quite cut it either.  They also detest having a monthly licensing fee for Creative Cloud.  

I have an awesome solution!  Skylum (formerly MacPhun)'s Luminar and Aurora software tools!  They are stand-alone photo editing tools that you download and install.  You can use them as stand-alone editors, or in conjunction with PhotoShop or Lightroom.  Your choice!

The results are astounding--as is the price ($69 as a one-time cost).  

Though traditionally built for Mac computers, it is now available for Windows (in beta form). This is going to be awesome!  I love this tool and have been using it in Beta alone with phenomenal results.

SAVE an additional $10 by using this discount code:  "Lisa"

Hoodman Loupe Products

Hoodman Loupe - The New Series

Hoodman is now offering an updated version of the original loupe!  Check out the options for this awesome tool.  I love my loupe and eyecup because the loop helps you see your images through the viewfinder MUCH easier out in the field -- blocking out the sunlight and glare.  The eye cup also help you see your exposures and the details in-camera while you're shooting, blocking out ambient sunlight.

Through this link you will receive 10% off these products via Hunt's Photo and Video. 

Clever Creations - Supporting and Promoting Art by Disabled Persons

Clever Creations - Promoting Artists with Disabilities

As you may know, before I became a full-time photographer, I was an Educational Psychologist who worked with children with disabilities. I have also been the volunteer photographer for the Down Syndrome Network of Arizona. I support good causes that help people (kids and adults) with disabilities whenever I can. In this case, I encourage you to check out this wonderful website designed to help artists with disabilities showcase and sell their work. One of my friends, Emily Locke, is a 27-year old talented artist and photographer on this site. She has Coffin Siris Syndrome (only about 200 have it worldwide) and has done amazing things in her life despite this condition. Please take a look at her work--and that of others on this site. Please share this with your friends! Thank you!!

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