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"A Mother's Love"

In 2011, I lost two close family members who bravely battled long-term illnesses. Traveling cross-country to be close to their sides kept me from being out in the field the majority of the year. Even so, I discovered that even in the most fleeting of minutes between hospital visits, supporting family, grieving, juggling the demands of both my “day job” and my photography business, there are opportunities to experience wonderful moments in nature. You just have to be ready for them—and look!

One such example, “A Mother’s Love,” is the very first full-screen image in the montage. It’s an image of a doe and fawn White-Tailed Deer that I captured near a temporary residence of mine in Michigan, which my fiancé and I rented so that we could use it as a interim "home-away-from-home base" from Arizona as needed to care for our ill family members.

This image was captured at a time when, for months, family took priority and I had not had so much as a moment to pick up my camera. My fiancé looked out the window one afternoon and said, “Lisa, grab your camera and sneak outside!” Luckily I still had my Canon 100-400mm IS USM lens mounted to my Canon 7D (with a charged battery!). I stepped outside just in time to see a tender moment between doe and fawn. They nuzzled one another for a split second, got up, and wandered slowly away. The whole experience lasted about three minutes, but was enough to give this nature photographer a much needed “moment” together the natural world around her. Given the illness and sadness around us, it was as if Mother Nature knew exactly what I needed---and sent it directly my way…hence the dual meaning of the title, “A Mother’s Love.”

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