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Welcome to My Favorite Photoshop Techniques:  Next Steps!

This class is offered via invitation only.

It is exclusively offered to "My Favorite Photoshop Techniques:  From the Beginning" participants who wish to further their journeys in Photoshop!  

If you wish to register but  have not participated in the aforementioned prerequisite class, please contact Lisa Langell


The next class will be held starting in March.  Stay tuned for details. 

What you will need:  Updated versions of

•  Photoshop Creative Cloud 

•  Adobe Camera Raw

•  Adobe Bridge


Week 1:  

Creating and organizing brushes.

This session will provide you with the skills necessary to learn more about using brushes in Photoshop.  We will also use the smudge and mixer brush to "paint" on an image and give it a more artistic look. 

Lastly, I will show you how you can create your own creative, unique brushes from scratch, including one with your own signature!

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Week 2: Creating and using textures to add artistic effects to images.

Textures are such a rich tool in Photoshop.  They can make your images go from boring to breathtaking!  During this session, you will take an image and make it look artistic and  painterly by applying textures in specific ways  We will also create our own textures and backgrounds from scratch using specialized brushes and techniques.

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 Week 3: Compositing - next steps

This session builds on the "My Favorite Photoshop Techniques" session about composites.  We will help you create more interesting composites of subjects by learning new ways of separating images from their backgrounds and placing them on new layers or creating entirely new images from them.  You  will also learn ways in which we can distort the subjects so that they look as if they have changed position--for example, changing the angle and positioning of a bird's wings, legs or neck, yet still have it look realistic.

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Week 4:  Fix that mistake!

Building on our composite session from last week, we will spend this week's session fixing our photo mistakes when we accidentally cut off the tip of a wing or foot of a bird.  We will use a variety of Transform, Liquify and Masking and Warp tools and previously learned skills to make this happen! Let's learn to make the photo usable again!

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 Week 5:  Creating Actions

If you have a procedure you repeat frequently, there is an excellent tool to assist you!  It's called Actions!  During this session, we will create our own actions and with the push of a button you can execute certain tasks in seconds that normally take many minutes to complete!

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What you will be able to do when you finish this series:

By the end of this session, you will be able to take an  image of a subject you photographed but clipped off the wing, cut them out, place them on a new background you have created, use textures to create a gorgeous, painterly/artistic type look, and sign the image with your own signature brush!  You'll also learn how you can automate some of these practices to save you time!

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