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FotoPro Eagle Series Tripod & Head

The FotoPro Eagle Series Tripod that changed my photography & life! 

I LOVE the new FotoPro Eagle Series tripod.

It's a traveler's dream! 

For someone who:

- Needed to lighten the load

- Hated buying (and carrying) a ball head, gimbal head and fluid head for my varying photography needs

- Hated the slow, sometimes frustrating dismounting and mounting of various tripod heads for my diverse photography needs

- Needed something that solidly support super long lenses

- Preferred something totally waterproof

- Wanted to have a tripod that would "Instant level"

- Wanted ONE tripod head that could shoot 360 degrees in any direction

- Despised center columns

- Wanted something very compact (19" folded)

-Hates hassles and unnecessary gadgets to carry

THIS was the tripod for me. The FotoPro Eagle Series. FINALLY after 35+ years...a tripod was made for me!

Official Reseller of FotoPro Tripods: 

I approached FotoPro to see if I could sell these tripods because I LOVE them so much.  I believe photographers need great gear that lasts.  I am a "buy it once and buy it right" type of person. 

Tripods are the most important piece of gear next to your camera that you can buy.  They are the foundation under which you place (and trust) your equipment to rest upon. If it's not easy to use, lightweight, and sturdy, it will sit in your closet like every other piece of gear you never liked using.  

Eagle Series E6

FotoPro Eagle Series
Tripod & Head Combo
(Short height: 55.11")

Model:  E6:   Spec. Sheet
Manufacturer website

Price:  $950.00 (Reg  $1099)

Eagle Series E6-L

FotoPro Eagle Series
Tripod & Head Combo
(Medium height:  63")

Model E6-L:  Spec. Sheet 
Manufacturer website

Price:  $975.00 (Reg $1149)

Eagle Series Combo Gimbal / Ball head / Fluid Head

FotoPro Eagle Series Combo Gimbal / Ball / Fluid Head 

(3 in one)

Manufacturer website

Price:  $400 (Reg $449)

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