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The Magic of Arizona Hummingbirds, Bats & Night Sky Workshops

Magic of Hummingbirds & Night Sky Photo Experience

April 18-21, 2019 
(Sold out - see additional dates below)

Details & Registration (sold out -- see additional dates below)

Magic of Hummingbirds & Bats Photo Experience

August 30 -- September 2, 2019


Includes 4 days, 3 nights, shared lodging + instruction and one dedicated setup per participant (We are the only workshop in Arizona that offers this luxury!)

Details and registration

This magical photo experience is second-to-none with regard to Arizona's hummingbirds!

Are you ready for a magical hummingbird experience?  We typically see and photograph the following hummingbirds at the 5000' altitude level of our lodge at Madera Canyon, AZ:

•  Rivoli's Hummingbird (formerly Magnificent Hummingbird)

•  Broad-Billed Hummingbird 

•  Black-Chinned Hummingbird

•  Rufous Hummingbird

•  Broad-tailed Hummingbird 

We often see and may photograph other species that include:

•  Acorn Woodpecker

•  Mexican Jay

•  Western Scrub-Jay

•  Wild Turkey

•  Gambel's Quail

•  Bridled Titmouse

•  Arizona Woodpecker

•  Elf Owl (Spring)

•  Elegant Trogon (spring/summer)

•  Black-headed grosbeak

•  Summer and hepatic tanager

•  Sulfur-bellied flycatchers

•  Myriad other species as shown here (click link).

Additionally, wildlife frequents the canyon--including mule deer, reptiles, butterflies, coatimundi, javelina, and even the elusive ringtail--which could all add to your photographic diversity during this workshop.

We make it easy!

Lisa Langell & Kim Gray are both expert hummingbird photographers and LOVE helping people learn while creating a fun, upbeat and supportive experience for you!

We provide your own fully dedicated station and equipment!

Most hummingbird photography workshops make you share equipment / setups with fellow participants, cutting your shooting time in half (or more)!  Not us!  We provide you with your own fully dedicated (i.e., no sharing required) flash setup and system! We're the ONLY known workshop in Arizona that fully supports each of our eight participants with their own dedicated  setups and shooting areas so that you don't have to "take turns" and share with fellow participants.

SEE AN EXAMPLE OF OUR HUMMINGBIRD SETUPS (click for video) Simply bring your camera, a mid-range zoom lens (examples include a 70-200mm, 300mm, or 100-400mm--or similar), a remote trigger ($10 or so) and your tripod! We provide the rest! We'll show you how to use multiple flashes to photograph hummingbirds with incredible color and detail. You'll receive abundant instruction, support, smiles, and plenty of time to photograph the birds!

What's included:

•  4 days / 3-nights shared lodging on-site  (2 people per room. Single Supplement is approximately $495 additional and available on a limited basis. Exact rate will be given at time of request and is based on lodge's current rates and availability.)

•  Dedicated flash-related photography setups and instruction for hummingbird photography, including backdrops, flowers, flashes, etc. (no sharing--you each get your own!)  This makes us unique among the various hummingbird workshops in the USA that typically make people share setups!)

•  Hummingbird photography instruction, bat (optional) photography instruction, and processing tips (provided via private video tutorial library shared with registrants)

•  LOADS of fun, supportive instruction, laughs and great experiences!

What's not included:

•  Transportation to/from the Santa Rita Lodge in Madera Canyon, Arizona

•  Closest airports are:
      Tucson, AZ (about 45 mins from the lodge)
      Phoenix, AZ (about 2.75 hours from the lodge) Y

•  Your basic camera gear (see checklist in your registration packet, upon registration, for details.)

•  Meals. Due to Arizona law, we cannot provide meals; however, your cabin is equipped with a kitchenette: Includes a stove, oven, microwave, sink, coffee maker and toaster, plus assorted utensils, soap, dishes, etc. You are welcome to pick up grocery items for your snacks/meals in Green Valley on the way to the lodge (about 25 minutes from the lodge entrance). Some participants also choose to enjoy dinner in Green Valley.

Bat Photography

Hummingbird Workshop Images

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