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Why a giveaway for cancer survivors?

Being a  "Cancer Survivor" has many definitions to many people.  Some say it is five years after diagnosis that one can officially call themselves "Cancer Free" and a "Cancer Survivor. Others take a more liberal or informal approach to the definition and say that "any day you are alive post-diagnosis, you are surviving!"   

I invite ANY of you who have had a cancer diagnosis to apply for this event, no matter how long it's been since your diagnosis, what type of cancer, or how you define being a survivor!  

As many of you may know, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in September 2019.  I am currently undergoing treatments and realize that for many people in a similar situation as myself, it can be difficult!

Some of the many challenges to your health and well-being include staying active, maintaining a positive attitude, and keeping engaged in your favorite pastimes--like photography! 

Additionally, there are increased  financial challenges--including insurance premiums, meeting annual insurance deductables, out-of-pocket co-pays, medications, time off from work, and more. 

As I sat through one of many treatment appointments today, I pondered ways that I can lift the spirits of fellow photographers who are cancer survivors--and who simply need a pick-me-up without the cost.

What you may win...

As a result, I have decided to offer TWO FREE SEATS to my Magic of Cowboys Photo Workshop! 

I felt it was the perfect opportunity as this workshop is one that does not require extensive physical effort (and I have a golf cart to help transport people with physical limitations on-property).  It's a fun-filled, learning-filled and diverse photography event that checks a lot of boxes for photographers who love taking all types of photos and love trying all types of photography!

Winner may bring a guest at a discount

(Save $300)

Winner may elect to bring a guest(s) at a savings of $300 per seat, subject to availability.

Please take a moment to read more about the EPIC Magic of Cowboys Photography Workshop in Arizona!  This annual event is a hit among photographers looking for an immersive escape into ranch life on a private ranch in Arizona just outside of Phoenix!

Tell me your story and enter to win!

Whether you would like to nominate a friend or enter yourself, you may do so!  Just fill out the entry form and tell us your (or their) cancer survival story in 150 words or fewer!  

Click here to enter!

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Thank you for entering!  I wish you and your loved ones health and healing in 2020!

All my best, 

Lisa Langell

Langell Photography, LLC

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