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MacPhun / Skylum Editing Software

Skylum (formerly MacPhun) : Amazing Photo Editing Software

SO many of my customers feel PhotoShop is too complicated and Lightroom doesn't quite cut it either.  They also detest having a monthly licensing fee for Creative Cloud.  

I have an awesome solution!  Skylum (formerly MacPhun)'s Luminar and Aurora software tools!  They are stand-alone photo editing tools that you download and install.  You can use them as stand-alone editors, or in conjunction with PhotoShop or Lightroom.  Your choice!

The results are astounding--as is the price ($69 as a one-time cost).  

Though traditionally built for Mac computers, it is now available for Windows (in beta form). This is going to be awesome!  I love this tool and have been using it in Beta alone with phenomenal results.

SAVE an additional $10 by using this discount code:  "Lisa"

Hoodman Loupe Products

Hoodman Loupe - The New Series

Hoodman is now offering an updated version of the original loupe!  Check out the options for this awesome tool.  I love my loupe and eyecup because the loop helps you see your images through the viewfinder MUCH easier out in the field -- blocking out the sunlight and glare.  The eye cup also help you see your exposures and the details in-camera while you're shooting, blocking out ambient sunlight.

Through this link you will receive 10% off these products via Hunt's Photo and Video. 

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