Street Portraiture - langellphotography
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"Jessica and Cloud"

Langell came upon Jessica and Cloud on a clear, cool morning in January 2012 as she photographed the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Jessica, barely 18, sang with a raw, soulful sound well beyond her years. Langell heard her before she saw her. Accepting Langell’s request to photograph her, she conversed and sang song after song while Langell shot image after image. A wanderlust and free spirit, her personality carried over the notes Jessica played. She was animated and youthful, but Langell also sensed she was an “old soul” who lived the experiences of one hundred lives. Langell later sent Jessica the photographs from their time together. She told Langell that she captured “Cloud,” her dog, in her favorite little pose and expression, and that these were her favorite images ever taken of herself. Her departing message stuck with Langell and encapsulated Jessica’s approach to life beautifully and simply: “Blessings on the path…”

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