Here is what participants are saying about  my webinars! 

I'm not a bragger...but admittedly, it's a truly thrilling and rewarding feeling to be able to offer instruction that benefits others in such positive ways!

--Lisa Langell

The New Nature Photography

"That was such an awesome, amazing and inspiring webinar! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You really confirmed much of what I've been doing and leaning towards, so it tells me I am on the right track!  

I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you shared! It was a defining moment of inspiration for me tonight!"  

-- Lillian C.

"Lisa is a wonderful trainer with a vibrant and captivating personality. Her presentation in this webinar was very professional and entertaining. The techniques presented were nothing short of inspirational. I can't wait to go back into my archives and create artistic masterpieces using the techniques she discussed."

-- Donna Haldas, Delaware

"Your webinar was simply inspirational! So much great content and you make everything so accessible. Super well done!!!!!

--Michael, Pennsylvania

"I appreciated you advice about understanding your customers needs and aspirations and then shooting & developing images for them. I sell my photographs and 'break' all kinds of traditional photography rules' ... thank you for explaining what works and what fails."

-Vartkes, California

" You're upbeat, positive and have so much to offer people. You seem (and I feel you are) just a wonderful person. I looked at your website and I thought do you ever sleep?! You're always going and looks like you've accomplished so much. It looks great! Today I actually said to my husband, "I'd like to take all my canvases (I'm a canvas person) of all my family and put them in the hall way upstairs and put an abstract over the fireplace. Being a man with little- to-none artistic flair (we won't tell him I said that...) he said "what's an abstract"? I had out your color wheel and everything...;=) Shamefully, I have so many canvases I could have a gallery! My home is my gallery."

--Sally McGuire

My Favorite Photoshop Techniques - From the Beginning Webinar Series:

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I signed up for this class! The technique of using a brush in Camera Raw was worth the price of this course. I never saw that before and never had any idea that it was possible to do that. Furthermore, as a teacher of 32 years and an educational consultant for 12 years I wanted to let you know that you organization and structured teaching is amazing A+!"

-- Nancy Garner 

"Lisa is outstanding not only at photography, but also as a teacher. She makes it easy to understand -- a topic I've spent years trying to follow."

--Bill, AZ

" I love that Lisa is so personable. Very friendly, very patient. Always smiling!"

-- Heidi Stover, CA

"All of this is new to me so it's been a great learning trip. Thanks for being my guide!"

--Jim, MN

"I have wasted a lot of money and had a lot of frustration and taken other Photoshop classes before, but have never encountered something so truly helpful, useful and educational. Lisa's class is incredibly well organized and if you didn't get something you can always go back and watch your class session.

Lisa is a true expert teacher and knows her stuff inside and out, she's got the patience of the Gods and answers every single question in order that is asked....amazing!

This video class is like an in person hands on learning experience. She is always available to her students in every way and wants you to learn and get this! This class will surely transform my photography and take it to the next level. 

I am so happy to have finally find her and all the amazing courses and workshop she offers. Lisa even presented to my camera club virtually and inspired us all on the "New Nature Photography" and then judged a monthly competition of ours after we tried to implement the beautiful artistry she taught us in her presentation."

--Wendy Milligan

My Favorite Photoshop Techniques - From the Beginning Webinar Series"You are an inspiration. I have seen you everywhere recently - doing PSA webinars, on the NANPA website as a board member and doing webinars for them, on the cover and writing for OP, and teaching your own classes online in what appear to be back-to-back sessions during the day and weekly (we finished today and you are restarting on Monday with a new cohort)!

All this while going through a serious health situation. Perhaps that helped you deal with it but in any case, I applaud you. Thank you for the opportunity to learn Photoshop. I am self-taught and have been using it for years but would get frustrated with certain aspects as I knew there had to be a better, less-tedious way to accomplish certain edits. I never really grasped masking until your class. Looking forward to the advanced class!"

-- Chris Gordon

"I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class experience! It's been so much fun getting to know you better. You are an absolute delight, and I learned a lot in your class! I'm no longer fearful of clicking that PS icon on my desktop, and that's really saying something. It's a hurdle I've been wanting to clear for a very long time. Wishing you great health, continued success and never ending inspiration! Can't wait for our next adventure together!"

-- Darin Reed

"I wanted to take a minute and thank you for this Photoshop Class. I have taken numerous Photoshop Classes, but I have learned more from you than any other class I have taken. Your easy demeanor makes learning fun and anxious for the next class. Please let me know when you have the advance class available, I would love to take this further!" 

-- Robin Reardon 

One-on-one Private Portfolio Review / Consultation

As intermediate level hobby photographer, I am starting to get into more bird photography, so I felt a portfolio review might be useful to improve and hone my bird shooting skills.  I submitted 10 bird pictures I have shot over the years to help Lisa  gauge where I am and where I should go for better techniques and shooting tips.

From the very beginning of our session, I knew I had made the right choice for my reviewer. Using Zoom, we analyzed and discussed each shot in detail. As we worked together, it was very apparent that Lisa is a caring, sharing and teaching instructor, who really cares about her student and his/her work. She was very easy to understand and follow. Her observations and suggestions for improvement were spot on. In the past I have been in various teaching roles, so I understand and recognize great teaching talent. Lisa definitely falls in that small group of OUTSTANDING. I most strongly recommend her as portfolio reviewer. You will be very, very happy you did.

-Larry St. Pierre

Manual Settings:  Making it Simple

"I want to let you know how much I learned from the settings class. You explained the triangle in such simple terms that I understood it in a way I hadn’t before. Now I’ll be going out to shoot with a plan and confident in knowing which camera settings I should use.

I have read many books and watched many YouTube clips but your explanation is the best. Those other sources have technical knowledge but lack the teaching experience you have. Plus its a real benefit to have the recording.

Your relating the triangle to a window, faucet and sponge was really helpful. I will be joining the next session in September!"

--Jim Grassi (FL)

"I have struggled with understanding the manual settings on digital cameras. For years. I knew how to set everything on my film cameras, but then had a period where I did little photography, right as the technology changed. I took a class on exposure in early March, at my local Shutterbug, and I STILL was unable to figure out how to use the manual settings on my camera! The webinar tonight made all the difference! I deeply appreciate your teaching, both style and content. Thank you for helping me be a better photographer!"

--Liz Peterson

High Key Photography

"I said to my wife, “Best $15 I ever spent”. My first image afterwards was of a single flower, I sent it off to a pro that I know who said that I really impressed him. The technique is simple on the surface, but not simple so your time with your students was very worthwhile. You’ve given me great inspiration for many future images to be made, so thank you very much."

-- Larry Hollar

Multiple Webinars:

"You always seem to present things in a logical way that appeals to me. As someone who has done painting and drawing as well as photography but earned a living working in the world of finance and accounting I appreciate your well balanced mix of organized presentation and creativity."

 -Sheila Nowak

High Key Webinar Series:

"I think you do a fine job as a teacher and you handle the webinars with confidence and skill. I find your instruction very well done, and the methods you share are clear and replicable. All the best to you -- I will be keeping my eye on the sessions you offer."

-- Jill Krentz

Learning High Key Photography Webinar:

"I just wanted to thank you so much for giving me such inspiration and such exciting new adventures I’m working on Photos right now about the high key and I loved your abstract and I just enjoy so much of your seminars ! and I hope one of these days soon I will be able to join you in a workshop! But meanwhile I will be taking your classes on zoom and maybe the Photoshop workshop! so thank you so much."

-Jackie Ross

Photographing Abstracts Webinar:

"Thank you for another informative and interesting webinar, Lisa!! I love your wildlife photography, and now you have really inspired me to try shooting abstracts!!"

- Rita Ritner

Adding Words to your Photography Webinar:

"I learned a lot from both these webinars that I will immediately put into practice in my own business. I really enjoyed the writing class. You present lots of good information. I realize I haven't put enough effort into creating good titles and your points will certainly help. I also appreciate the encouragement to journal. I think that really can help me get some captions on some of my work. No doubt I'll watch this webinar several times over the next few months. "

-Jim Solomon

Photographing Abstracts Webinar:

"Your webinar was interesting and wonderful, Lisa! I found myself taking pics in different ways, looking at things as patterns, and especially searching for the contrast in a picture yesterday. It has opened up a whole new way of viewing nature for me. I really appreciated your ability to make this webinar informative and fun! I definitely hope to join you for other sessions. Thank you, Lisa!"

-Shirley Stebbins

Multiple Webinars:

"I have enjoyed watching your webinars and learned a lot!  It's nice to have the recordings available to watch again to cement the things I've learned. I really appreciate your work on this because it helps us photographers to really improve our skills and knowledge! I hope and pray that you have many more years to teach and share!"

-Mary Johnson

Abstract Photography

"Thank you for doing this. It was just the inspiration I needed. Good luck with the rest of the series."


My Favorite Photoshop Series - From the Beginning Webinar Series

"I have taken other PS courses, lectures but was intimidated to use it on my photos. The few times I did I made a hot mess of the images. I am now, thanks to you, comfortable editing with playing around and experimenting with PS. Thank you!"


Multiple Webinars

I love your webinars. They are packed with a lot of info and I like how you keep giving your input and ideas and you keep pumping us up with all your good info, etc. I can see why a lot of people I hear at our clubs talking how they love your workshops and classes, etc. Keep up the good work!

-- Gary Vargo

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