Webinars: Live, interactive distance learning

You need a skilled photographer + a great instructor.  Here is where I shine!

• 16+ years experience delivering over 2000 webinars worldwide.

• Lifetime photographer working 11+ years as a professional   

•  NEVER a "Sit-and-Get," image slideshow style presentation.  Always about instruction!

• Former 20-year career as educational psychologist and international consultant training school districts worldwide to implement best practices for instruction.

• I love teaching photography and helping others learn in innovative, upbeat and positive ways.

• I make it fun, engaging, and supportive for participants.

"Webinars can be a wonderful way to learn from the comfort of . . . anywhere!"

-- Lisa Langell

Why am I giving away webinars?

Given the recent developments with COVID-19,  photographers are looking for alternative solutions to meeting-in-person now that nearly all workshops, classes, meetings, field-trips and group activities are  cancelled. 

Luckily, I have already been conducting webinars almost weekly since the middle of 2019, and done over 2000 since 2006.  I have the content, the registration tools, and the software  ready-to-go!  I am willing to share this with organizations who need support.

I feel we all need to work together to provide positive experiences during this very difficult time, worldwide. Thus, I am happy to donate my time and provide a  webinar at no cost to camera clubs and similar organizations who need options to support their membership. 

No strings.  No catch. No hard selling.  That's not my style nor who I am as a professional.

My hope is that I can brighten our fellow photographers' day and if they love what I do, they will sign up for future webinars and on-demand classes that I offer to photographers worldwide on a regular basis. 


Not all webinars are created equal!

My webinars ALWAYS  include these best practices:

• Always like a photography class online!   

• Never a slide-show about "me and my pretty images"

• Strong educational content using quality instructional design

• Solid knowledge of teaching pedagogy

• High engagement with the audience with participation and activities in real-time!

• Clear learning objectives -- and the teaching of those objectives

• Techniques and activities that elicit audience response

How it works

1.  Your camera club or organization works with me to schedule a topic and date for your webinar.  We will work out any additional details at that time. 

2.  I set up registration and send you a private link that you pass along to your group to register. That's it!

3. The group leader (you) and I will log in to the webinar system about 20 minutes in advance of our start time so I can orient you to a few basics.

4.  Participants log on to the webinar at the date/time specified by clicking a link from anywhere they choose to be.  Here is what to expect.

5.  I  host the webinar and you can speak to your group as well, as needed,. (Very easy). 

Free topics available for your organization's  webinar:

Limit one free webinar per non-profit organization.  

Have a smaller camera club?  Invite other clubs nearby!  Limit 95 participants--so let's fill the room! 

Click the titles below for learning objectives and a sneak peek from a previously recorded session:

12 Elements of an Excellent Image  (2 part series -- or a single, 2 hr engaging session)

The NEW Nature Photography--Inspiring Trends for the Future (2 part series--or a single, 2 hr engaging session)

The Visual Power of Contrast

An Artistic Photographer Lies in All of Us

Photographing Birds in Flight

Must-Know Tips before moving to Manual Settings

Easy Photoshop Tips for Stunning Photography

Photographing in High Key Style

Abstract Photography--The Techniques behind the Best Images

The Art of Silhouette Photography

Putting the Right Words with your Photography--Inspiration & Creativity (2 part series -- or a single, 2 hr engaging session)

Understanding your Histogram

Patterns in Nature + Fibonacci Sequence

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