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A female participant photographing the landscape in my Magic of Cowboys workshop.

Why Women-Only Workshops?

I have been asked numerous times by women to host a women's-only event. I have decided to host two over the next year to see how well it serves my clientele.  The reasons why women have asked for this are diverse, but here are a few of their reasons for such a request:

•  Camaraderie of fellow women in an all-women event

•  Comfort level (some partners/spouses of women perceive safety to be a potential concern and thus are more comfortable when the know their wives/partners are attending a women's-only event) 

•  Some women have had personal histories of abuse where trust becomes an issue.  They have requested a preference for women's only events.

•  In some cases (certainly not all), women have reported experiencing arrogance, condescension, or rude behavior by certain men who have attended mixed-gender photographic events.  It reportedly has  stifled their photographic experience.

•  There are other reasons, but these are some of the most commonly reported.

I am exploring this option  via two initial women's-only workshops:

Magic of Cowboys
Magic of Hummingbirds

In both of those cases, I have offered an identical mixed-group option so as to not discriminate by gender in any way. 

Some have asked why I do not offer a men-only workshop.  Well?  I haven't had any men tell me they wanted one!  I also, being female, will have a hard time leading one of those!

I am also grateful to Tamron USA for sponsoring these events. They, too, have noticed an uptick in the number of requests they have had for women-only events and were gracious enough to sponsor these events of mine.

Thank you!
Lisa Langell


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