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This gallery contains my favorite, recently captured images!

Updated: Jun 27, 2014 1:53pm PST


The birth of my passion for photography came from learning to bird wa ...

Updated: May 30, 2014 8:13pm PST


I have traveled to Alaska 33 times and counting. I teach a wildlife p ...

Updated: Jun 27, 2014 2:06pm PST

Street Portraiture

Street portraiture is a passion of mine. Meeting strangers and gettin ...

Updated: Jul 02, 2013 12:38pm PST


As an Arizona resident, I am privileged to be able to capture the beau ...

Updated: Jun 07, 2014 2:09am PST


Though a wildlife photographer at heart, certain landscapes have compe ...

Updated: Jun 07, 2014 2:01am PST

Butterflies and Insects

Winged things are always intriguing--and I don't limit myself to birds ...

Updated: Apr 15, 2013 9:55am PST

Foliage and Flora

I was a floral designer for 15 years. Having touched thousands of flo ...

Updated: Dec 09, 2013 9:01am PST


Living history in print.

Updated: Jun 30, 2013 4:05pm PST


See what moves me, photographically!

Updated: Jun 30, 2013 4:05pm PST

Pieces and Parts

Admiring the details

Updated: Jun 30, 2013 4:07pm PST


A former Michigander, winter scenes still beckon my camera and I...

Updated: Nov 23, 2013 8:12pm PST


Horsing around...

Updated: Jun 30, 2013 4:07pm PST

Domestic Animals

Fun moments from livestock and man's best friends

Updated: Jan 30, 2013 6:48pm PST

Samples of Langell Photography for Home or Office

Send Langell Photography a photograph of the room you want to decorate ...

Updated: Jan 30, 2013 6:48pm PST


Updated: Feb 10, 2014 10:28am PST

Magic of Alaska Annual Photo Tour

Updated: Jun 04, 2014 7:44pm PST

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